KFP 5: Wellbeing

A resilient organisation prioritises the wellbeing of its workforce and takes a systemic approach to reducing stress and enhancing job satisfaction. The KFP Wellbeing is defined as where:

  • Practitioners perceive a deep commitment to their wellbeing – wherever possible, stress is reduced at source and working conditions improved
  • Practitioners feel able to thrive in a job that is rewarding and manageable and feel able to make a difference to the lives of the children, families and adults they work with
  • For these reasons, people are committed to the organisation and their role within it

For information including tasks, strategies and quick wins download the KFP 5 Wellbeing section of the workbook below.  The tasks and quick wins can also be downloaded as separate documents below.

SWORD workbook: KFP 5 Wellbeing

SWORD workbook: KFP 5 Wellbeing tasks

SWORD workbook: KFP 5 Wellbeing quick wins