Secure Base

KFP 1: Secure Base 

Making sure social workers have a secure base within which to operate is critical to organisational resilience, and is the first Key Foundational Principle. A secure base provides:

  • A sense of protection, safety and feeling cared for.
  • A constructive challenge for workers to explore fears and threats relating to practice and organisational change.
  • A ‘safe haven’ that offers support, nurtures energy and provides resources for wellbeing and improved practice.

For information including tasks, strategies and quick wins download the KFP 1 Secure Base section of the workbook below. The tasks and quick wins can also be downloaded as separate documents below.

SWORD workbook: KFP 1 Secure Base

SWORD workbook: KFP 1 Secure Base tasks

SWORD workbook: KFP 1 Secure Base quick wins